International Center for

Talent Development


What makes a world-class athlete? An astronaut? A surgeon? A brilliant teacher? What keeps one child from joining a gang, while another succumbs to drug use? How can we motivate both today’s and tomorrow’s young people to be “the best they can be” and to contribute to society in a positive way?

Research has shown that people develop self-esteem when they develop talent. They build perceptions of competence as they accomplish something productive in the world. Research also has identified certain factors that, when nurtured, foster motivation and achievement. But much remains to be learned about what keeps people engaged in developing their talent, how the development of talent affects the diverse areas of a person’s life, and how technology can be used to promote skill-building as well as commitment.


A society is only as good and as strong as its people. Their talent is a national treasure. We must understand and nurture the development of this treasure.